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Section 14. Rules & Regulations for Weapons Competition

14.1 Divisions

14.1.1 The number and type of divisions of competition shall be left up to each individual tournament director. (Referee does not have authority to split divisions.) The tournament director has the right to expand or condense the divisions as he/she desires.


14.2 Merit

14.2.1 A score will be awarded based on all criteria used in judging forms competition as well as the control of the weapon. Weapons forms will be regarded as open forms competition.

14.2.2 If a competitor drops his weapon, this will be considered the same as forgetting the pattern and he/she will be stopped.

14.2.3 The weapon must be authentic to the martial arts.


14.3 Judging Procedure

14.3.1    Points shall be awarded on a scale of 6.0 to 9.9 in tenth of a point (.1) increments, 6.0 being the lowest score for a completed pattern. In colored belt competition, the score will be from 6.0 to 8.0 with 7.0 as the ‘average’ score awarded. In Black Belt competition, the score will be from 8.0 to 9.9 with 9.0 as the average score.

14.3.2 Judges shall display the score of each competitor by use of flash cards or byes use of their hands.

14.3.3 The highest and lowest score shall be thrown out and the remaining three scores added to compute ‘total score’. (Only if 5 or more judges.) In the case of a tie, the lowest score shall be added back to break the tie. If still tied, the highest score shall be added back as well. If this procedure fails to break the tie, then both competitors shall repeat their form. All judges will then point to the competitor of their choice.

14.3.4 The computation of the total score on the score sheet shall be recorded by an assigned official and each division’s sheet shall be signed by the respective center referee & judges.


14.4 Condition of Weapon

14.4.1 Competitors will present their weapon to the judges for inspection prior to competition. Judges will determine if the weapon meets authenticity & safety requirements. If the weapon is deemed unfit for performance, the player will have three (3) minutes to replace the weapon or be disqualified from the division.


14.5 Weapon Specifications

14.5.1 Weapons must be authentic to the martial arts. Throwing of weapons (unless on a chain/rope), plastic weapons, foam weapons or defective weapons will not be allowed. Sharp weapons must be taped to ensure an effective degree of safety. Degree of safety will be determined by the tournament director. The use of or an attempt to use an unauthorized weapon shall result in disqualification.

14.5.2 A player whose weapon breaks and who does not finish the performance or cannot replace the weapon within three (3) minutes, will be disqualified by the center referee.


14.6 Weapon Performance

14.6.1 Percentage of Weapon Utilization 75% of the performance must be with the weapon. A competitor not meeting this requirement will be disqualified by center referee.

14.6.2 Music All music to be played in a performance must be provided by and set up by the competitor. Any equipment needed for the performance will be provided by the competitor. The music to be played in a performance must be loud enough for the judges to hear so as a proper score can be given.
14.6.3 Time Limit No performance can exceed four (4) minutes from start to finish.

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