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Sparring Rules

Section 8. General Rules and Regulations for Point Sparring

8.1 Divisions

8.1.1 The number and type of divisions of competition shall be left up to each individual tournament director. (Referee does not have authority to split divisions.) The tournament director has the right to expand or condense the divisions as he/she desires.


8.2 Duration of Competition

8.2.1 All colored belt & youth Black Belt matches shall consist of one two minute round, total points.

8.2.2 All adult Black belt matches shall consist of one three minute round, total points.

8.2.3 When colored belts are combined with Black belts, all matches shall consist of one two minute round.

8.2.4 The Grand Champion finals match shall be 2 2-min. rounds with a 30-sec. rest. Total points shall determine the winner.

8.2.5 The referee shall stop the match each time a point is called.

8.3 Authorized Implements for Scoring Points

8.3.1 Hand - Forefist & backfist to head & body target areas. Ridgehand & knifehand to the body area ONLY. Punch to kidney area ONLY. A hook punch will be considered a legal punching technique (no roundhouse punches). Spinning hand techniques shall not be allowed.

8.3.2 Foot--Any part of the foot below the ankle (not the shin).

8.3.3 All techniques must be focused (the competitor must make and keep eye contact to the area he/she is making contact to or striking toward before the completion of the technique).(Applies to

8.4 Authorized Area for Scoring Points

8.4.1 Head Area Only that part of the head protected by the head gear shall be considered a legal target including that area covering the forehead. The top of head shall be considered a target for kicks only. The downward hand strike (backfist) to the top of the head shall not be considered a legal point. The facial area shall NOT be a target area.

8.4.2 Body Area Includes the area of the body from the collarbone to the navel in the front and to the "posterior axillary line" on both sides (i.e., to the imaginary line drawn down the side from the back crease of the armpit). The area of the back directly over the kidney. Punch only.

8.5 Illegal Target Areas

8.5.1 Illegal target areas shall include, but are not limited to: The face mask area. The neck and throat. The back, excluding the kidney area. The groin. The legs.


8.6 Points (valid scores)

8.6.1 One point shall be awarded for any valid hand or foot technique executed to the legal head or body area. In order to score, the legal scoring implement must be executed with good balance and proper technique. All Junior competitors & adult colored belts will use light or no contact to the head area and light contact to the body areas. Adult Black Belts will use light contact to the head area and light to moderate contact to the body areas. Any competitor attempting to score upon another competitor will be at fault for any illegal contact, regardless of whether the other competitor's movements caused the action to be illegal or not.

A majority of the judges and referee must also concur that a valid point was indeed scored.

NOTE: Chest Protector and Headgear are worn for the safety of the competitor, NOT to promote heavy contact.

8.6.2 A judge cannot give one competitor both a point and a penalty at the same time. If the judge feels that a competitor has scored both a point and a penalty, then the penalty should override his/her decision, regardless of which one was scored first.

8.7 Referee Ends Contest

8.7.1 The referee may end any match under the following circumstances: When the referee or tournament physician determines that a contestant should not continue for safety reasons. When the contestant's instructor/parent throws in a towel to stop the fight. When a contestant disregards a referee's command. When a 5 point spread has occurred. 

8.8 Action Taken by Referee in the Case of an Injury

8.8.1 The referee shall immediately call "time-out" and attend to the needs of the injured contestant and immediately call for medical assistance.

8.8.2 If a contestant is injured due to an infraction of the rules by the opponent and cannot continue, then he/she shall be declared the winner.

8.8.3 If both competitors are injured and cannot continue the match, the contestant leading on score card shall be declared the winner. If score is tied and both cannot continue, then the judging panel must render a decision based on fighting spirit, superiority of tactics, and superiority of techniques.

8.8.4 If a contestant wins (2) two matches through injury, he/she must withdraw.

8.8.5 Drawing Blood. A small amount of blood in the nostril or on the lip shall not be deemed enough to warrant a disqualification. It will however, cause a deduction point to be awarded. Uncontrolled bleeding or bleeding in a large enough amount to flow onto the uniform or onto the floor shall be deemed excessive contact and will warrant a disqualification.

8.9 In the Case of a Tie at the End of Regulation Time:

8.9.1 If at the end of regulation time the score is tied, then the competitors shall continue the match until the first change in score. This may occur through the actual scoring of a point or the awarding of a deduction point.

8.10 Decision

8.10.1 Determination of the winner shall be made as follows: Disqualification of the opponent. Withdrawal of the opponent. Points. Deduction Points. Referee Stops Contest.

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