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F.L. Dean & Associates, Inc.

Participation in today’s Martial Arts can provide physical fitness, discipline, self defense and entertainment . . . but can also result in accident or injury. In the past, accident and liability coverage for Martial Arts Schools or Studios was either too costly, too limited, or not available at all. Individuals were either forced to pay extremely high insurance premiums or to run programs without proper insurance protection, therefore running the risk of personal exposure to lawsuits or a participant’s injury claim.

However, now a comprehensive program has been developed to specifically cover the inherent risks involved in running a Martial Arts School or Studio. This Martial Arts Accident and Liability Insurance Program is designed to help eliminate the financial and emotional burden one can incure as a result of a lawsuit or participant injury claim.

This is a benefit of full membership in the HMAL. To participate in the insurance program all students of an individual school must be registered. The cost to do so is the $15.00 membership fee to join the HMAL.

Who is eligible for medical expense benefits? - Any individual who is registered and is an enrolled student, or is a member of the Policyholder's staff who is performing his assigned duties, in connection with the Policyholder's Martial Arts Studio, Academy or School.


This means that each one of your students has to fill out a membership form and pay the $15 to become a member of the HMAL. I will need to receive all memberships and monies no later than Aug. 1. That will give me time to get the paperwork started to renew the policy.


Any new students that enroll in your program after this day and until next year when we renew are automatically covered.

The current policy term is from : Sept. 1, 2018 to Aug. 31, 2019

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