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Black Belt Advancement

Black Belt Advancement

Because the HMAL is a competition organization, it has no structure that allows for rank advancement for Black Belts.


Through Mr. & Mrs. Neiman, Black Belts are able to advance in rank with the Universal Taekwondo Assoc. and Grandmaster Soo Kon Kim.


Anyone interested in advancing in rank should contact the Neiman's for more information.


1st Dan - $170.00


2nd Dan - $250.00 (Total 2R & 2D) - (Age limit 14 yrs. of age)


3rd Dan - $300.00 (Total 3R & 3D) - (Age limit 18 yrs. of age)


4th Dan - $350.00 - (Age limit 25 yrs. of age)


5th Dan - $450.00 - (Age limit 30 yrs. of age)

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