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Name of Organization

The name of this organization shall be:




The purposes of this organization are:

    The purpose of the HMAL shall be to provide a competitive venue for all martial arts practitioners in the Midwest regardless of their style or affiliation. 

        The HMAL shall organize seminars for both Referee & Judges training & certification as well as training for competitors.

    The HMAL shall help to organize and promote safe, fun & fair tournaments and develop a set of competition rules that reflects this fairness & safety.

    The HMAL shall develop a semi-annual newsletter which will include a calendar of events to avoid the overlapping of tournament dates.

    The members of the HMAL shall strive to help one another in the sharing of promotional and instructional ideas (Brainstorming Weekend).

    It shall in no way be the purpose of the HMAL to issue promotional rank.  It shall be used only as a vehicle to promote tournament competition in the Heartland. Those Black Belts wishing to promote in rank may do so through the Universal Taekwondo Association or any other recognized association..

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