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Section 1.    Composition

        The officers of the Heartland Martial Arts League shall be:

    1.1    President                                      Master Michael Neiman
    1.2    Vice President of Operations        Master Vicki Neiman
    1.3    Vice President/Rules                (Appointed annually)
    1.4    Vice President/Training            (Appointed annually)
    1.5    Vice President/Activities            (Appointed annually)

        The positions of President & Vice President of Operations are permanent positions held by  the Masters Neiman.

        All officers must be members of the association at the time of their appointment, and must remain members of the association in good standing during their term.  Failure to maintain such status shall be considered just cause for removal  per Article IV, Section 6.
Section 2.    Appointments

    2.1    Officers shall be appointed to the positions of Vice President/Rules, Vice President/Training & Vice President/Activities.
Section 3    Term of Appointment

    3.1    All officers shall serve a one year term from their appointment date or until a successor is designated.

    3.2    Officers may serve more than one term.

Section 4    Governing Body

    4.1    The Governing Body shall be comprised of the Instructor/School level members.

    4.2    All Governing Body members must maintain their current membership in the organization.

Section 5.    Duties

    5.1    President:

        5.1.1    Call, preside at and prepare an agenda for, all meetings of the HMAL.
        5.1.2    Be responsible for enforcement of HMAL bylaws, rules and regulations; for implementation of sanctions where these are indicated.
        5.1.3    Will oversee all operations & functions of the organization.

    5.2    Vice President of Operations

        5.2.1    In the absence of the president, may assume all duties of the president.

    5.3    Vice President/Rules:

        5.3.1    Preside over the Rules Committee.

      This committee is responsible for updating the HMAL Competition Rules.

    5.4    Vice President/Training:

        5.4.1    Preside over Training Committee

      This committee is responsible for training judges & referees in the use of the HMAL Competition Rules.

    5.5    Vice President/Activities:

        5.5.1    Preside over the Activities Committee.

      This committee is responsible for providing activities such as seminars, special workouts, campouts, etc.    

Section 6.    Removal from Office

        Any officer may be removed from office with cause by a two-thirds majority vote of the officers.

Section 7.    Meeting Attendance

        All Officers & members of Governing Body must attend 60% of all regular meetings.

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