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Team Forms & Sparring

Section 15. Rules & Regulations for Team Forms Competition

15.1 Team Makeup

15.1.1 Team shall consist of 2 to 5 members.


15.2 Merit

15.2.1 A team score will be awarded based on all criteria used in judging Traditional forms competition, as well as the synchronicity of the team as a unit.


15.3 Judging Procedure

15.3.1 The procedure for judging Team Forms will be the same as used for Traditional Forms competition.


15.4 Recognized Forms

15.4.1 Forms used in this competition can be either traditional or free style.

Section 16. Rules & Regulations for Team Sparring

16.1 Team Makeup

16.1.1 All team members must be Black belts.

16.1.2 Teams shall consist of 3 to 5 members. All teams must have an equal number of members.


16.2 Sparring Competition

16.2.1 The general rules of competition will be governed by the HMAL Point Sparring Rules & Regulations (with the exception of overall points).

16.2.2 The total number of points accumulated at the end of competition will determine the winner.

16.2.3 The winning team shall advance to the next round of competition.

16.2.4 In case of a tie, the last team will go into sudden death overtime to determine the winners.

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