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Self Defense

Section 18. Rules for Self Defense Competition

18.1 Any rules & penalties not contained herein will be the same as Traditional Forms Competition.

18.2 Divisions

18.2.1 The number and type of divisions of competition shall be left up to each individual tournament director. (Referee does not have authority to split divisions.) The tournament director has the right to expand or condense the divisions as he/she desires.


18.3 Merits

18.3.1 Competitors will be judged on the use of martial arts techniques in both offensive & defensive situations. Speed, power, kihahp, focus, balance & breathing. Kicks, hand techniques & throws. Degree of difficulty. Perfection of techniques.


18.4 Judging Procedure

18.4.1 Performance The performance will consist of as many routines as the competitor wishes to do in the allotted time.

18.4.2 Time The competitor will be allowed 3 minutes from the time he/she enters the ring.

18.4.3 Props The use of weapons will be allowed by the competitor and/or persons being used as props. Sharp weapons are not allowed. The Center Referee will check the weapons for appropriateness. All participants including those people being used as props must be in proper uniform. Competitors will provide any necessary mats needed for take downs or throws.

18.4 Self Defense Application

18.4.1 The self defense routines must show applications for defending against an opponent.

18.4.2 Martial arts techniques shall apply.

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