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Section 1.      Nature of Membership

1.1    Membership in the HMAL is a privilege which shall be extended only to competent practitioners who are current members of a school or club. 

Section 2.      Qualifications for Membership


2.1    Any person applying must:

2.1.1    Complete a membership application and remit annual membership fee.
2.1.2    Certify their acceptance of, and determination to abide by the ethical standards, Bylaws and Competition Rules set down by this organization.
2.2    No practitioner shall be entitled to nor denied membership in this organization solely because of membership in another organization.

2.3    Membership will neither be granted nor denied on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, religion, or national origin.

Section 3.    Membership levels

    3.1    Student Members - $15 annual fee (every student must join/renew in December of each year.)

        3.1.1    Discount on tournament entries (10%)
        3.1.2    Discount on HMAL activities (10%)
        3.1.3    Membership card
        3.1.4    HMAL patch for uniform
        3.1.5    Newsletter (semi-annual)
        3.1.6    HMAL Website (HMAL Rules & Bylaws posted on site)
        3.1.7    HMAL Official’s license training / certification
        3.1.8    Class visitation at HMAL schools

    3.2    Instructors/Schools  - $30 annual fee for 1st instructor & $20 for2nd  instructor (renewable in December)

        3.2.1    All benefits listed under Member/Student, plus:
        3.2.2    If all members, students and instructors of the school are members of HMAL, then the member school is covered by HMAL insurance.
        3.2.3    Serve on HMAL Governing Body
        3.2.4    Voting privileges at HMAL meetings
      No more than 2 voting members per school.
        3.2.5    Serve on HMAL Special Committees (see bylaws)
        3.2.6    Instructor’s Training Seminar (held annually)
        3.2.7    Member of Selection Committee for Josh Benson scholarship
        3.2.8    Eligible to apply for Josh Benson Scholarship

    3.3    Memberships not paid by Jan. 31st will result in non-member status.

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