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Continuous Sparring

Section 17. Rules & Regulations for Continuous Sparring

17.1 Divisions

17.1.1 Same as used in Point Sparring competition.


17.2 Duration of Competition

17.2.1 All matches shall consist of one 2 min. round.


17.3 Sparring Competition

17.3.1 Competition will be governed by HMAL Point Sparring Rules & Regulations. 

17.3 Designating Judges

17.3.1 Judges will be seated in each corner of the ring. Judges will use scorecards to record the points & penalties for each competitor. Judges will record all points made that they see during the entire match. If the Center Referee awards a penalty for a technique that the judge was scoring a point for, the judge must subtract that point.


17.4 Determining the Score

17.4.1 At the end of the match, each judge will write the score of the competitor he/she judged on the scorecard and circle the winner. The Center Referee will collect the scorecards and give to the scorekeeper. The Center Referee will also fill out a scorecard.

17.4.2 The scorekeeper will add the judges scores together to determine the winner.


17.5 Ties

17.5.1 In the event the score is tied, the tie will be broken by a sudden death overtime match-up. All judges will call for point as in regular Point Sparring competition.

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